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– Claire, “Anatomy for Actors” Student

Marta’s Teaching Philosophy

I begin with meeting actors where they are — both in their careers but also physically, vocally and emotionally. I want to hear their ideas and then I’ll ask them questions about the arc and text of their characters. This will guide them in the direction of the most positive choices for each moment, allowing them to truly shine. I believe every actor has something unique to offer the world no matter how new or experienced they may be. My job is to cultivate excitement, confidence and clarity to help actors hone their most authentic auditions and performances.

Marta started her young professional artistic career as a dancer and then found her true calling in acting. As a professional actor, Marta sensed there was a gap in her excellent training (The Hartt School and Interlochen Arts Academy). She decided to fill that gap by attending massage therapy school at The Swedish Institute to learn more about human anatomy, health and movement. Marta then took her knowledge to The Maggie Flanigan Meisner Acting studio in New York City where she started teaching her own curriculum, ‘Anatomy and Self Care for Actors’.

Marta's Philosophy for “Anatomy for Actors" for The Maggie Flanigan Studio.

Marta Reiman’s Teaching Philosophy
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“Marta is an incredibly smart, kind and patient teacher who goes above and beyond


to make sure every student feels seen. She has a passion for her subject and a dedication to her students that makes class with her a true joy.”

– Angelica, Maggie Flanigan Student

As well as being a classically trained dancer and actor, Marta has trained in several movement methods in addition to becoming a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and working with others on their voices and bodies for more than ten years. Marta's movement training is in Alexander Technique, The Viewpoints, Laban Technique, the Feldenkrais Method and Michael Chekhov technique as well as massage therapy in both Eastern and Western modalities, reiki and energy work.

• Audition Preparation

• Body and Voice Awareness Work

• Diaphragm Release & Breath Work

• Dialect Coaching

• Energetic Body Work

• Actor Movement (Viewpoints) 

Please contact Marta for further information, scheduling and rates.

Marta is available to coach actors of all ages in:

Marta gives choreography notes to the cast of LITTLE WOMEN. Clarke Youth Theatre, Tulsa, OK.

“Marta is an incredible teacher.

With her enthusiasm and humor, learning about the body was such an enjoyable experience. She also was a huge inspiration for me to prioritize and build my own self care and wellness routine!”

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